Messages from CEO and President

Message from CEO


Makoto Kashiyama, the former president, established KASHIYAMA PRESS INDUSTRY CORP. in 1960 which is in earnest of the popularization of automobile, then we have started the manufacture and sale of automotive spare parts.The car, at that time, had drum brake system and used brake shoes. After that brake have shifted to disc brake system so with the evolution of automotive. At the same time, we also began to develop the brake pad and got a chance to expand our technical area.


In 1987, we changed the company name as MK Kashiyama ( MK represent initials of our former president) and start with the new corporate symbol.
We have kept up with the dramatic advancements of the automotive industry by our development capacity and technology which cultivated in the history of our company. With looking ahead to the future, we have been developing the products and prospecting to be a leading company of automotive brake parts.


Answer the needs of the age. Improve the satisfaction of the customers. Extend the operation of overseas. Our company have provided the products with creativity to satisfy the customers all over the world. In recent years, we have begun the manufacture of brake parts for industrial constructing machine, and we are trying to establish the position as a maker of friction material.


Continuing to challenge the new materials and the new technologies in the future, we will achieve our dream "Being on the world with flexible spirit" and "Creativity".


MK Kashiyama Corp.


Message from President

PRESIDENT  Tsuyoshi Kashiyama

MK Kashiyama's friction material can not be made in a short period of time. We have proposed the friction material which meets the customer's demand based on the experience and know-how that has accumulated since our inauguration.


Our strength are:

1. Wide item range for Japanese car and Korean car
2. Flexible manufacturing which fit to aftermarket
3. Extensive friction material and its development capability

1→ MK Kashiyama is the one of top-class company about the variety of item range as well as the number of homologated items by ECE R90 in Japan.
2→ We make it possible to produce various type of products in smaller lots by mold manufacturing in group companies and self-manufacturing of production facilities. Because of these strength and advantages, orders have been increased not only from the domestic and overseas but also from OE market.
3→ Brake is an important safety component. It has responsible for people's life. It is not easy to make friction material and needs years of testing and experience. With using high-performance instrumentation favorably compare with genuine manufacturer, we have developed friction materials that fulfill the requirement of each market and customers.

Taking above strength, we have evolved since our inception. In recent years, International sales account for up to 50% of all and we have build a global supply system in Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.

We are highly appreciated your continuous support of our brake pads, brake shoes and friction material products of MK Kashiyama Corp. in the future.

Happy Drive with MK !!


MK Kashiyama Corp.
PRESIDENT Tsuyoshi Kashiyama