Product Introduction

MK KASHIYAMA has been improving the product range of Japanese car since manufactured brake pad and brake shoe.

In recent years, growth of Korean car maker is also remarkable. We are focusing on wide variety of Asian car including Korean car.

The strategy of Japanese car makers has been shifted their production and supply system into overseas plants. We are developing the products that accommodated to car models of each country and offering product range that satisfy a customer's need of each market in Europe, Russia, the United States and Asia, etc.

Strengthening the product marketing in each market, and aiming the improvement of product range.

[Current number of items]
Brake Pad    For Japanese cars: 700 items     For Korean cars: 80 items
Brake Shoe  For Japanese cars: 500 items     For Korean cars: 20 items

Challenge to Industrial Brake

Taking advantage of know-how for manufacturing and development of automobile friction material that cultivated in the past half century,
we are opening up new avenues for the manufacture of brake for industrial machine as a new field.

"Braking" is essential for "Moving", and it  great opportunity to show our importance of existence in the new field.

Required quality and use of the friction material is vary depending on the type of industry and products.
Having a close communication with our customers is our biggest treasure, and we consider it is a milestone toward the future at  the same time.