Product Function, Troubleshooting

Product Function

Braking forces are generated by pressing friction material on disc rotors for brake pad and on brake drum for brake shoe.

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Troubleshooting Q&A


  1. Screeching sounds Braking at low speed or just before the car stops.
  2. Groan sounds Startup automatic car or stop foot braking when starting downhill.
  3. Rasping sounds Brake operation while running at 30 - 40 km/h.


  • Grinding of the rotor surface or replacement of the rotor
  • Maintenance of the caliper
  • Applying noise-protection grease and use anti noise shim
  • Chamfering or grinding down the side of inner and outer periphery

Q: Brake judder

Vibration in the brake pedal, steering wheel or underbody parts while braking operation.


  • Checking scuff on surface of the rotor (Picture:1)
  • Checking flaws like phonodisc or uneven wear of the rotor (Picture:2)
  • Grinding of the rotor surface or replacement of the rotor depends on its condition
Pcture:1QA03 Pcture:2QA03

Q: Fade

Excessive temperature increase generates the plastic decomposition gas from the friction material, and the gas membrane between the pads and rotor results in weakening the braking effect.


Stop the car at safe places, and wait until the brakes cool down. Starting the car again slowly.