Friction Material

Brake pads and brake shoes are the component to make the cars slow or stopped by converting the kinetic energy of the car into friction heat.
Even the light passenger cars, they have a mass around 1 ton,  therefore the amount of heat generation is enormous.

The product of MK Kashiyama is made with the friction material which achieved the stable performance, long life, suppression of noise and vibration, high strength and corrosion resistance with enduring high heat.

Friction material suitable to applications,purpose, market

Requirement are differ from each car type and usage such as passenger cars, small cars, RV, commercial vehicles (trucks, taxis) or motorsports (rally, gymkhana, street etc..)

Also, because market requirement, climate and road conditions are different in Japan, Europe, Russia, North America and Asia, it is needed to develop the friction material suitable to each environment and need.
Including motor sports, we have produced more than 40 kinds of friction materials usually.

For General Passenger Cars Focusing on the balance of effect, long life, and prices considering the noise problem close to "zero"
For Small Cars Brake design is simple but high liability relatively. Focusing on the performance and low noise.
For RV Focusing on the performance and durability considering with low noise.
For Commercial Vehicle (Truck) Excellent performance and wear resistance.
For Commercial Vehicle (Taxis) Excellent wear resistance and focused on low noise.

Development Facility of Friction Material

Dynamometer with Environmental Chambers
Evaluate the braking performance in a variety of driving conditions of the vehicle while changing the temperature and humidity of the environment. Also testing of noise and vibration.