Research and Development

Product Design

Theme: "Improvement of Coverage (speedy development) and Pursuit of Cost"

Using EV method which utilized the research result and database based on the experience of our company for over 50 years, we are developing highly reliable and reasonable products for focusing on wide coverage of Japanese car and Korean car.

Coverage rates, especially, have gained the trust of many users with products that have been designed based on the original design concept of our company.

For designing the products, staff who familiar with various product information (calipers and backing plate etc.) and mold knowledge (blanking and forming) are working on the improvement of the design quality.

Development of Friction Material

Theme: " The Pursuit of Performance and Reduce the Environmental Impact"

Blending various kinds of raw materials based on the information accumulated over the years and quality engineering, and developing the friction materials to meet the requirement such as car model, usage, and market conditions and to seek the performance such as effectiveness, life, noise, vibration and aggression to other material.

The raw materials used in friction material is selected corresponding to the environmental regulations, such as ELV and REACH, with less impact to the environment.


Production Facilities

Theme: " Establishment of Competitive Production system

  • To provide a product that can be used with confidence to our customers, we have been developed, designed and produced in-house from forming mold to production facilities.
  • We have achieved work efficiency and reduced the burden on workers by automation in the production process.
  • We have realized the construction of a global production line by supplying our equipment to overseas plants.

Working together with each team of production design, development of friction material and production facilities, we have supplies our products stably with satisfaction from our customers including purchasers both overseas and domestic, OEM and OES.