Company profile

Our dream is creativity. Our creativity drives us forward, in the same way as human beings have always been driven forward by a sense of potential. We are driven towards products with better safety and higher functionality, and which meet a wide variety of needs. MK Kashiyama Corp. supplies brake components for automobiles that support the development of a motorized society.

As one of the leading manufacturers for the supply parts market, we are committed to the development of new materials, new technologies and new product areas, considered not from the perspective of what the future can bring to us, but from the standpoint of wishing to contribute new creativity to the world Our definition of creativity is the production of superior reliability. We always keep this in mind as we continue to stimulate the creativity and instincts of the people who make up our company.

Taking dreams to the next stage through unlimited technology.

MK Kashiyama is committed to the pursuit of tomorrow.


Corporate profile

Est. 1960/12
Cap. 100 million yen
Acct. Period December
Sales 4,130 million yen (2010)
Emp. 130
Average age 39
Prospectus - Production and sales of brake shoes and disc brake pads
- Designing and production of labor-saving machinary

Company history

1946 (May) Our founder, Makoto Kashiyama, opened KASHIYAMA SHOUTEN and began the sale of automobile parts.
1960 (21st December) Established KASHIYAMA PRESS INDUSTRY CORP. (now MK KASHIYAMA CORP.),and began the manufacture and sale of automobile parts.
1965 Began to manufacture Brake Shoes
1966 Began to sell Brake Shoe assemblies under the MK brand name,
taken from the initials of the name Makoto Kashiyama
1967 Began to manufacture disc Brake Pads
1971 Began to manufacture disc Brake Rotors
1975 Tokyo office transferred from Azusawa, Itabashi Ward, to Kayaba-cho in Nihonbashi
1976 Our Brake Shoe assembly was accredited as a superior automobile component by JAPA (the Japan Automobile Products Association)
1979 (17th January) Makoto Kashiyama, founder and first president, passed away.
1981 Work began on the Shibamiya Plant (now called STAGE 2)
1983 Brake Shoe manufacture topped 8 million, and Brake Pad manufacture
reached 600,000 sets.
1984 Our Disc Brake Pad was accredited as a superior automobile component by JAPA (the Japan Automobile Products Association)
Established WINMAX CORP. and began the manufacture and sale of brake units for racing and rally driving.
1987 Company changed name to MK MASHIYAMA CORP.
1988 Partnership with the Malaysian company Steam Engine Industries Co. and start of manufacture and sale of brake equipment in Malaysia.
1990 Began work on the construction of a technical research center and
STAGE 3 plant at Otai Industrial estate.
Registered company mark (Ordinary2-74062)
Steam Engine Industries Co. (Malaysia) changed name to MK KASHIYAMA(Malaysia) Corp.
1991 Designated by the Head of the Small and Medium Enterprise Bureau as a ‘rationalization model for small and medium enterprises’.
1994 Accredited as compliant with German transport ministry safety criteria (ABE)
Established MK PRIMA INDONESIA CORP. and began manufacture and sale of brake equipment with in Indonesia, as well as the sale equipment.
1995 Established MK KASHIYAMA SINGAPORE CORP. and began the sale of automobile parts.
1996 Accredited with international standard ISO9001.
1997 Marketing division transferred to Nihonbashi, Chuo Ward
MK PRIMA INDONESIA accredited with international standard ISO9002.
1998 Accredited with European standard ECE R90
Began work on constructing an operations center in Iwamurada, Saku City
The administration division transferred here and established an independent company, SOUMUBU.
Marketing division transferred to Saku City. Customer Service Center
Termination of partnership, due to end of contract period, with MK
2001 SOUMUBU transferred to Otai Industrial Estate.
2002 Established KASHIYAMA SHOUTEN CORP. (holding company)
Research & Development Division accredited with
international standard ISO14001.
2004 Begin the sale of Environment-Friendly Disc Brake Pad [Ecology-Pad].
Marketing division transferred to Otai Industrial Estate.
2008 Partnership with MAT HOLDING, INC. in USA. Increase the capital to 100 million yen.
2009 WINMAX merge with MK KASHIYAMA Corp.
Starting mass-production of disc pads at Danblock Brakes India,Delhi,India.
The administration division transferred to Stage 1.
2010 CEO Takashi Kashiyama
PRESIDENT Tsuyoshi Kashiyama
EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT Hiroyuki Kashiyama Assumption
Mitsubishi Canter(Indonesian line) OEM SHOE&LINING ASSY Start to supply.